My Quest

My Quest is about the relationship between the individual human being and the organisation as a system and encouraging its integrity. First, by understanding how it works and subsequently by helping individuals, teams and organizations learn, grow and become more effective. How much can a human being stay connected to his/her uniqueness and full potential and manifest this inside the demanding organisation? How can an organisation with its drive for value creation capitalise both on the alignment between AND on the uniqueness of human beings? How can the individual human being achieve personal goals simultaneously with the organisation generating added value? To me, it all starts with learning how human beings can remain honest to their authentic self and maintain personal boundaries whilst living their commitment to the organisation they joined. To do this, they need to, first and foremost, understand their inner truth. This search for inner truth is an ever-evolving process, receiving constant attention in my life.


my professional background and training

Born in 1959, my university studies were in Business Economy, combining areas like Marketing, Finance, Organisation Development with Sociology and Organisation Psychology. For 10 years I worked inside big corporations in Human Resources, of which 2 years in Philips Medical Systems and 8 years in various Unilever companies. Age 35, I joined Genesis Consulting Group as partner to be able to spend 100% of my time on my quest in life. Around age 40, in my professional life and in my personal life, I felt the need to understand the roots of behaviour, their (my clients) and my own. I embarked upon a seven-year participative gestalt-psychology training, which together with my search in (brain/biology) neurosciences brought me rich insights into my self and in the drivers of human-leadership-behaviour. My curiosity for understanding the underlying dynamics of and between organisations and human beings brought me to the field of Human Design, especially the Sociology of Human Design, which I am currently studying.


my experience

With 10 years of Human Resource management and some close to 20  years of consulting experience behind me, I am aware that the more I know, the more I don’t know. The uniqueness of every human being and every Organisation always needs tailoring, and therefore, stimulates me to stay open to challenge and expand my approaches, my views and perspectives. I like to keep on learning. I keep on being intrigued by my quest and get inspiration and energy out of working with the people I engage with.


my book

I summarized my main thoughts and approaches in a book called “The Road Within – In search of Authentic Leadership Behaviour”. The book guides you, as a reader, into your inner labyrinth, where your intentions are transformed into behaviour. It introduces dynamic forces, impacting you from the outside, ever present in organisations, serving as triggers for potentially distorting your behaviour. The book supports you to regain mastery over your behaviour for achieving results, through a pragmatic, compelling and highly accessible framework illustrated by examples from my own life and consulting practice. The book challenges you with a daunting promise: if you dare to go within, to liberate your authentic self and gain mastery over your behaviour, your relationships will improve and your results will grow. For further info and ordering send a message via the contact page.