Living My Integrity


integrity is grounded in behaviour

By doing what I say and saying what I do, I live my integrity. Demonstrated integrity builds trust. Essential to integrity is to own and take responsibility for my behaviour. This means I need to stay in close touch with and continuously align the match between my intentions and the impact I have on others and vice versa.


trust is the foundation

Trust is the result of behaviour, which manifests integrity, the behaviour experienced consistently with how it was promised to be. In my work with groups, teams and individuals, I am extremely aware of my behaviour – during the work and after the work. I know that behaving differently to what I promised will breach the trust in me. The respect I have for the uniqueness of each human being and for any human being joining me on the path of self-development motivates me to honour the trust others have in me.


matching intentions & impact

For others to trust my behaviour, I have to trust that my own behaviour has the impact I intend. Despite all my good intentions, something can go wrong. My behaviour may have, and definitely has at times, a different impact than I intended. People who work with me might perceive my behaviour as lacking integrity or not trustworthy or may not understand why I did what I did. I invite all of those I work with to get in touch with me in case any doubt emerges regarding my behaviour!