Living My Truth


universal truth doesn't exist

As a Human being, like all human beings, I am subjective. I live by my perceptions, my interpretation of the data my senses pass on inside of me. I don’t know whether any of it is always, anywhere, true or not. Objectivity or the universal truth doesn’t exist for me. Still, I do join the pragmatic habit to call what others and I agree upon ‘the truth’. Because the best I can get to with other humans is to align and agree upon the interpretation of the reality they and I observe. We call this the truth, until we have found a next interpretation we agree upon.


norms & values are agreed modus operandi

Values & Norms are not the truth. They serve as an agreed modus operandi. Human beings agree upon values & norms for pragmatic reasons, for reasons of guiding the interactions between each other and for making relations workable, bearable and durable. Values & norms are never ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, because their definition is subject to time and place, as history has shown us. I subscribe to the pragmatism of using values & norms. Still, I behold my own right to evaluate whether ‘the’ norm, or ‘the’ value is also mine! So has every human being!


owning my perspective

I live by my interpretations. Equally, I am open to receive feedback and to be challenged. I appreciate this healthy friction as a source of energizing my self-consciousness, growing my awareness, enriching my perspective, however difficult it might be for me in the moment.