With Individuals – The Road Within


My coaching is about the match between demonstrated leadership and business performance. Through coaching I support people in understanding the impact of what they do on relationships and on the performance power and results of the business. Coaching makes people understand why they do what they do, why they don’t do what they want to do, why they still do what they don’t want to do. And what is needed from them to change their patterns and will bring them if they do.

I coach people who are in the roles of seniors, leaders, and executives of any kind of organisation, carrying any nationality. Since 2003, I did over 1500 coaching sessions, with people from many places around the world.

The actual reason why people approach me for coaching varies widely. From “I am out of options” to “Grow our performance” to “I’m about to lose my job” to “I don’t know how to handle my team” to “I want to grow my business leadership”. To me, it is critical that someone feels the explicit need or inner churning ‘to do something’. Articulation of the ‘something’ is far less important than the motivation ‘to do’ it.

Typically the coaching starts with an intake to investigate what the actual theme is and whether we both trust that this coaching process will bring progress. If the mutual ‘click’ happens, I usually schedule 6 sessions of 1 ½ hour, with 3 to 5 weeks in between, depending on the theme and the urgency. I prefer to do the coaching at a neutral place with privacy, away from the office of the coached person.

Leadership Development Program

A special and deeply intense variation on individual coaching is participating in the Genesis Leadership Development Program. The objective is to grow results through growing awareness of and mastery over one’s leadership behaviour and relationships.

This intense, in-residence, week-long, self-reflective discovery and learning program happens together with a group of approximately 8 fellow participants who can meet each other eye-to-eye in seniority and experience. The program is organised through open-subscription and in-company.

Participants are seniors, leaders, and executives of any kind of organisation, from anywhere in the world. Between September 2007 and today, some 25 of these week-programs have taken place with, in total, close to 200 participants.

All information and background to this unique, and by acclaim of participants, very successful program can be found on the web-site dedicated to this program: http://www.arripauw.com/genesis-leadership-development-program/purpose-promise-participants/