Catalyzing Results through Connections of Trust

Core to my work is catalyzing results through connections of trust. Trust in one self, and in each other is critical to take the next step, to move forward into the unknown, for growing as an individual, as a team, as a business, for growing results beyond today’s experience and imagination.

Through my style of facilitation, I take care of the meeting or workshop in a safe place. I foster a frank and qualitative dialogue, ensuring stalemated relations or feelings of vulnerability are no longer holding participants back from sharing the unspoken. I teach and support people how to reach out again. The safe place gives space to renew creativity, and for the yet unknown to emerge.

I ensure interdependence and alignment between the moment, the meeting and the macro process. I simultaneously facilitate the moments of awareness during meetings of dialogue, embedded in the macro processes of mobilizing commitment. The synergistic effect unleashes the potential of the individual and the collective. It is my joy to see this happening.

I support people in finding their own answer, their specific solution, their unique next step. I am a facilitator, not an advisor. I focus on the Why and the How, not on the What; in other words on the process to achieve something, not on the content. I help them unravel how they got into this situation and hold up the mirror if they want to hide. I widen their perspective, put the questions about how to move from here in the right sequence, and bring my experience to all of this. I am known to be pragmatic. Concepts are distilled out of my work and used to reflect and guide understanding. The solution is always uniquely tailored to the reality at hand and geared to practical implementation.

In my practise, I typically work in parallel at three levels: individual, team and organisation. Although always receiving the request for contributing at one of these three levels, most topics play out at least at two of these levels. Consequently, my involvement often expands over multiple levels. Through my work, I foster alignment across these three levels, creating a synergistic multiplication effect, in many concrete cases leading to top line, bottom line and employee satisfaction going up (for the interested reader, case examples available).

Typically, I have a longer term relationship with clients, mostly from one to three years. With some, even longer term when the relations spanned a period of almost 10 years of guiding the people and the organisation through the continued rapid growth of the business.

Over all, since starting this work in 1995, I have been involved in over 30 organisations and their subdivisions. Most are across Europe, some in the USA and Latin America.