The Hike

the Hike

Explore your personal leadership

You are a professional. You know your role has a significant impact, on the performance of the organizations you work for, on the people around you and definitely on you, on yourself. The demands of daily life leave you little time to reflect, evaluate or focus. And it is self-reflexion and focus you need in order to be a true professional.


The Hike is a program designed to support you as participant to: “Calibrate your compass and set the bearings of your (personal) leadership to the benefit of you, your relations and your results”. Participants are people who seek to develop themselves, to advance (the understanding of) how they manifest themselves.


The program builds on two pillars: the catalysing force of nature and the regenerative energy of counselling and peer contact.

Being in nature takes you away from the grooves of daily life. The places we go and the physical effort you need will be challenging and confronting, leading you away from your comfort zone, testing your endurance on multiple levels. At the same time the quietness, views and space are restful. Thoughts can be explored, no need to stop them as you normally do. It gives you the chance to test your boundaries, listen to yourself and reflect. New experiences and insights, will jolt your convictions, reveal different perspectives, shake beliefs and ignite new insights. It may bring you in touch with new parts of you.

Throughout the journey, two coaches (see below) are present with you. They lead you through the landscapes. They coach you as needed through your inner journey. By challenging you to clarify the true question behind your question. By guiding you in inquiring convictions and exploring new viewpoints. To ensure you stay honest with yourself. To take care your journey stays safe, physically and emotionally. They facilitate amongst the participants an open, stimulating dialogue, sharing insights, learning from each other’s experience. All the time respecting individual boundaries, ensuring a safe and trusting climate.

Program – three components

  1. Voicing your theme:
    Personal intake – a (approximately 2 hour) meeting with the coaches, drafting the theme(s) and question(s) you expect to bring with you and clarifying mutual expectations regarding participation and preparation
  2. The Journey – a seven days trek in nature during which:
    Several reflective one-on-one coaching sessions of each participant with one of the two coaches.
    Plenary sessions as group exploring individual themes and questions, reflective sharing and learning from each other’s insights and experiences
    Ample time to contemplate and walk in silence
  3. Anchoring the learning:
    A month after return: a one-on-one coaching session with one of the two coaches to support further integration of the experience in day-to-day life


  • Open subscription groups (min 6, max 8) – people who are intrigued and attracted by the descriptions above. Participants are in any phase of life, in any phase of their career. They share the eagerness to advance life, to develop themselves. They are open to learn through reflection and sharing.
  • In-company groups – for team development or for management development purposes the program can be tailored and include further elements, like “our leadership as team” or “strategy development” or “in-group reflection”
  • Participants are physical healthy. They regularly do sports, are preferably used to one or two times a week endurance sports.
  • Participants are able to carry a backpack of some 15-18 kilo’s. (If necessary, we can advise you in training for this trek.)

Upcoming Treks and Logistics

The Hike : To be decided – if you are interested, contact Arri Pauw