Purpose, Promise & Participants


As a leader, you achieve results through your people, your organisation and your self. Your role, your contribution, is on the crossroads of generating added value, every month, every day, every meeting. Will you go left or right, include or exclude, do more or less, start or stop, etc. It is your role to guide your people and the entire organisation in making the choices and taking the decisions. The scope of your perspective, the quality of your interactions, the clarity of your decisions, in other words, the access you have to your capabilities and the way you use these impact everyone’s path to success or failure. Your behaviour, what you do and how you do it, is at every moment pivotal in the functioning of everything around you. Whatever responsibility you have or environment you are in, and what you do is what counts, in relations and in achieving results.


The purpose of the program is: “Growing Your Awareness for Delivering Results”. When you are in the complexity of everyday life, including the pressure of stakeholders, how well do you still know what you do? How well do you know why you don’t do what you want to do? How well do you know why you still do what you don’t want to do? Through this program, you will grow your understanding of how the person you have become is impacting your leadership – supportive as well as hindering.
The program is focussed on you as an individual human being. There is no ‘template’ of how you ‘ought to behave’ to be a good leader. The presence of fellow participants and trainers supports you in your personal journey, your experiences and your discoveries.


The program has a proven promise. You will grow in understanding what triggers your and others’ behaviour. You will discover and understand behavioral patterns, their roots, their impact and how to change them. You will better master your own behaviour, for the good of you, your people, your relations and your results. You will access capabilities and energy that is available for growing your relations and the results you have set out to achieve.


You have trained your skills, studied the business cases, done the management courses and read the management books. You are mature and experienced enough to know that the next level of learning is no longer coming from outside of you. At honest moments it is already clear: you have to go inside. You have to go to the places where the roots of your behaviour are stored, often locked away in the basements and closets of your life. Roots like the experiences with and conditioning by parents, trainers, teachers and bosses. You’ll discover what has been holding you from fully tapping into the abundant source of your unique capabilities and energy: your authenticity. However daunting it may seem, you know you have to go this road less travelled: the Road Within!

Most participants are CEOs, Managing Directors, Business Unit Leaders, Functional Directors, Senior Executives, members of Boards and Management Teams, and Professors, all of whom relate to the above description. Who feel responsible for what they do and how they do it. Who want to achieve results and still have quality relations with their stakeholders. Whose intentions were always good – but now they want to master the impact they have on others and the results.
Other participants are upcoming leaders. They carry the ambition and potential to one day become the senior leader. Understanding the responsibility that role will bring, they are wanting to prepare themselves, are curious about what drives their behaviours, about who they are and are longing to learn more.

The program takes place through open subscription or as an in-company program (see section “Practical – Trainers, Dates, Subscription”). In order to have space and attention for intense personal learning, the size of a group is between six and eight participants. Groups are balanced such that participants can inspire each other in the challenges of the week.