Program Agenda

Purpose Promise Participants

The program spans a week, starting on Saturday afternoon, ending on Friday morning. The sequence of topics is designed to challenge your comfort zone and to integrate your learning, ensuring direct applicability when ‘back home’. Multiple unconventional ingredients provide the stimuli for learning: exploring leadership dynamics, training your senses and being guided in self-reflection.

Exploring Leadership Dynamics

At the foundation of the program is the in-depth exploration of five Leadership Dynamics. Each dynamic originates out of inevitable forces that are present in any organisation. These forces trigger the behaviours people demonstrate when working together. If the forces are known and handled well, behaviour healthy for the relations and results will emerge. If not handled well, the forces ignite unhealthy behaviour. The following questions are at the root of each dynamic (the forces of which are underlined):

  • Dynamic of Choice – When making choices and taking decisions, how do I as a leader integrate my knowing and drive from both my reason as well as my emotions?
  • Dynamic of Growth – In advancing myself and our business, how do I as a leader nourish my/our vitality and how well do I have access to my/our new potential?
  • Dynamic of Power – In delivering my roles and living my responsibilities, do I as a leader know when and how to use, independent and integrated, both my role power and my personal strength?
  • Dynamic of Connectivity – Do I as leader know when, how and to what extend to integrate everyone’s individual contribution, including mine, into an agreed common interest?
  • Dynamic of Authenticity – How well do I balance my need for acknowledgement by others with my inner truth, the knowledge/wisdom of my inner compass?
  • Each dynamic serves as the theme of a day and will be explored in depth in the morning.

Training your Senses

Core to learning about your behaviour is the understanding of how you react to stimuli from your environment and the ability to capture what your senses tell you. Your senses ‘read’ what happens around you, and brings this information to your brain. The brain processes the information and, in turn, ignites your behaviour. Using and reading your senses better supports you in mastering your reactions. The afternoon sessions will take you through unconventional physical activities. They serve as a metaphor for everyday life and are strongly connected to the leadership dynamics. For most participants, activities like these are outside their comfort zone, which is a wonderful stimulus for learning. Activities are connected to dancing, martial arts, yoga and singing. A unique, professional co-trainer facilitates each activity:

  • The dancing experience will get you moving on music, which in turn will shift your balance between reason and emotions. It will liberate your emotions and temper your reasoning, which in turn will give you the opportunity to experience the impact it has on your energy.
  • The martial arts experience will bring high energy and strong emotion. Exploring friction within defined, safe boundaries will liberate your energy beyond any previous experience. It will inform you about the potential that healthy friction can bring you and your people.
  • The Yoga experience will be geared to reconnect you to your inner structure. It is an active, physical form of yoga. It will give you grounding, balance, relaxation and strength.
  • The singing experience will entice you from speaking to singing by bringing more variation in your intonation. You are invited to manifest the tones coming from within, in connection to what is going on in you now. It can give you an as close as possible connection to your authenticity.
  • The cooking experience connects you to food, the base of our energy, our senses, and our functioning as human beings. Knowing what you eat and how you eat will grow your awareness. You are invited to participate one time in preparing diner.

Guided self-reflection

Every day, much time is dedicated for each of you as participants to more intensely reflect on how you have become who you are, how you manifest your self and to explore the questions you carry with you. As trainers we will create and guard for the whole training, and for these self-reflection sections in particular, a safe and confidential space. The self-reflection already starts before the week itself. You will receive questions to ponder, so-called ‘slow questions’, in need of thorough layers of exploration, not in need of an urgent answer. Due to the experiences during the week, from the activities and by being in contact with fellow participants, you will tap into what is more or less subconscious, inching or itching around the corner. These are the areas where your unique potential for learning is, your true access to what is keeping you away from living your full authenticity. It requires courage to go here. You will be invited and stimulated, but never be pushed. You decide where you want to go. The reward has been there for many participants who dared to go – for sure it is available for you as well.