Practical – Trainers, Dates, Subscription

As a participant, you own your reality. You own your process this week. As trainers we guide the week, providing safety, professionalism and stimuli for your unique process.

Trainers of the week:

Arri Pauw is the trainer of the week, the initiator of this program. This website gives you all information on him.
Lars Doyer is co-trainer of the week, by training and practise consultant, facilitator, coach,

Trainers for the afternoon activities are:

Oscar Groenhart – Martial Arts (
Antoinette Loraine – Dancing (
Pauline Dooge – Yoga
Jan Kortie – Singing (


The location will be in the Netherlands – to be communicated
For in company or modular application of the program, other locations can be discussed.

Further Information and subscription
Please contact Arri Pauw – for details see bottom of this web-site

Dates of upcoming programs – open for your subscription

In 2018:
GLDP 25, starting Saturday 26 May 13:00, finishing Friday 1 June 12:00

Fee for participating

The program fee is € 8.500 and includes all training and full boarding (for Holland: ex VAT). A special fee will be applied for clients with multiple participants over a longer time and/or who want to do the program in-company (contact Arri Pauw).